Gettin’ ta know Fatty

‘EY!  I’m Fatty.

I’m a big guy, born in Queens, New York.  I’ve also lived in the Bronx, Spring Valley and Orange County, New York.  I am now settled in Marietta, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, with my wife, Dee.  I take every chance to enjoy life and my family.  I like to play chess, cards and cook, ya’know what I’m sayin’?

A little bitta history for ya’..

I started selling hot dogs back in 1969-1970 in front of Chester High school and park.   Back then it was $1 for two hot dogs with mustard, kraut and a soda.  I wanted to sell hot dogs because everyone loves ’em – especially at ball parks – and you can feed a whole family!

I bought a broken-down three-wheel scooter that had a blown motor.  My dad and I welded a frame to it so I could pull it with my truck, and we enclosed it so I could stand inside of it if it rained.  Before I knew it I was in business selling jumbo hot dogs!

Whaddaya mean, why Sabrett?

I was brought up with these hot dogs – 100% beef.  They are all over in the five boroughs of New York.  Their New York nickname was “Dirty Water Dogs.”  Why do you think they say that?  People say it’s because the water is never changed!  All they do is add more water to the pot!  Don’t worry, we change our water often 😉

Naked dogs are good, but a hot dog was meant to be dressed.

We have chile, raw onions, onions in sauce, kraut, relish, cheese, Fatty’s Homemade Secret Sauce.  Don’t ask what’s in the secret sauce.  Fatty will never tell 🙂

What else do we offer?

Besides dogs, we sell italian ice, knishes and stadium pretzels.

Wait a second.  You don’t know what a knish is?

First of all, it’s pronounced kuh-nish!  The K is not silent.

A knish is a square, fried, mashed potato pie. It’s crispy on the outside but has mashed potatoes on the inside.

I have been eating knishes since I’ve been a kid.  My grandmother and I used to go to Dalancy Street in Manhattan.  They where four for a dollar back in the late 50s, early 60s.

The best way to eat, in Fatty’s opinion, is to cut the knish in half (long ways like a sandwich) and put salt and spicy mustard on it -it’s gotta be spicy!  Nona’ that yellow stuff!  Wow, is it good!  Or you can put your favorite cheese and pepperoni on it, and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Wow again!

Where can you find Fatty’s?

We do festivals, grand openings, graduations, ball games, parties and private affairs.  However, we can travel no more than three hours from our home base, in Marietta, to ensure top quality products.  (We serve Italian Ice that is best eaten with a spoon, not a straw!)

Did I mention we have the best italian ice from New York? We’ve got cherry, lemon, mango and rainbow.  We can serve you a LOT or a little, depending on how ya feel.

Is your mouth watering yet?  Come see us at the next festival or book us for your next event!

Our upcoming events are listed here.  If ya wanna talk, you can call, email, tweet, text or write on our wall!

We ship overnight!

In the case that you can’t come see us, we can can ship our Sabrett hot dogs, Sabrett kraut, potato knishes, pretzels, and believe it or not our Fatty’s Secret Sauce!  We ship overnight by Fed Ex, so think of us next time you need to feed a bunch hungry mouths.

We know you’ll be a fan before long, so we also have Fatty’s of Atlanta tee shirts for $10 plus shipping.

Bada Bing!









Click here for our list of events!


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